Revive the relationships that sexual sin has stolen

Engage a 12-week journey to restore and re-energize your relationship with God, yourself and others.

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I prayed a million times and only heard radio silence. Sound familiar?

My name is Jason Martinkus (pronounced Mar-tink-us)

I lived too long tangled up in sexual struggles. After years of pornography and multiple polar_fam.001affairs, I finally found freedom. Not from the temptation, but from that overwhelming feeling that the next binge is inevitable. Having lived the last 13 years free, seeing our marriage restored and getting the opportunity to help other people I am confident God longs for our surrender to Him. And if we’re willing to engage, even with skepticism and hesitancy, I believe He’ll meet us where we are. That’s what this course is all about.

To reconnect with the heart of God we also have to reconnect with our own hearts. And we are created for community, where we connect with the hearts of others. Every week of this devotional course is designed to facilitate the conversations that lead to connection. I want you to find restoration – there is hope!

More about me if you’re interested –

My undergrad degree in Finance from the University of Oklahoma was put to use for a brief stint in the corporate world at companies like Arthur Andersen, Blockbuster Video and Interstate Batteries. Then I blew up our lives. A few years into our healing journey I knew I was called to help other people, so I went to Denver Seminary for a Masters in Counseling. Today I am a private practice counselor, have the privilege of teaching the Every Mans Battle workshops across the country and regularly co-hosting New Life Live Radio heard daily by over 2,000,000 people. My first book, Worthy of Her Trust_spineWorthy of Her Trust came out in 2014.

A lifetime of struggle transforming into a long lasting Legacy.


Why are we here? What are we striving for? What is the why behind our what? In our quest for restoration we have to answer this question.


Knowing the longing of our heart is critical. When we know what we’re longing for, we have a chance to find our soul satisfied.

To Whom

Where will we go to find our longing satisfied? When the going gets tough, to what or to whom will we run?

Mind Games

Satan will try to play mind games with us. And sometimes, we even trick ourselves. The battlefield of the mind is one front where the war is won.


Rewiring our brains leads to change. Literally, we have the opportunity to change our neural chemistry towards health and holiness.

Clean Clothes

Too many of us live in the tattered rags of the past. Sometimes God commands a wardrobe change to shape our future.


Ever feel like obedience is God’s punishment of us? I do. But I also have to realize the motivation for it. It’s not for punishment, but for perpetual joy.

Daily Manna

How do we find sustenance? What keeps us filled up and fired up? In this devotional we talk about how God sustains us.

Self Defeat

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. It’s time to let ourselves off the hook. Time to focus on faith and a future.


We’re made in the image of a feeling God. He experiences the highs and lows of relationship – and so do we. We’ve got to acknowledge and internalize this facet of our humanity.

Stop Stealing

We’re moving from takers to givers. From robbery to redeeming. We’ll no longer be thieves but instead the conduit of God’s redemption.


When we choose life, the redemptive ripple effect emanates outward. It impacts those we love the most and some we’ll never know. God will be glorified in your legacy.

Who is this course for?

Men who want to reconnect with the heart of God and find the purpose and passion that was lost to sexual sin. The SummitDevo is designed to help you ask yourself the right questions, guide your prayers, and facilitate conversations with the people you care about.

Single men who want a renewed relationship with God and with other men walking the journey.

Married men who want to connect with their wives, brothers and Christ in a new, intentional way.

If you're ready to shed the shame, reconnect with God, and take your walk to another level then the SummitDevo Course is for you. Remember, your legacy is still being written!

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Insight & Encouragement Guarantee

I want this to help you take another step on your journey. My hope is that you walk away from the program with a deeper connection with God and renewed sense of how He feels about you. I want you to feel encouraged, with a sense of hope for your future.

If after you complete the first few weeks of the devotional you don’t feel like it’s helpful, then I want you to spend your money on something else. So just email me and let me know – I’ll promptly issue a refund.

Questions I get asked -

Can I just do all the devotionals in one sitting?

Sure, you can. But that wouldn’t be the best way to engage the material. I encourage you to do it a week at a time. Take each one seriously, think about it, pray about it, talk about it, engage it. Let it marinate. I suspect it’ll be more beneficial that way.

How is this different than a Bible study?

This isn’t meant to replace Bible study. Daily Scripture intake should definitely be a part of your faith journey. Since the SummitDevo is targeted towards sexual integrity, the passages are geared towards that as well. And while we do some word study, that is not the focus. Ultimately, I want this program to make the Word and what God says about us practical, useful and applicable in day-to-day life as we face the battle with sexual sin.

What if I need more help and want to take a next step?

You’ve got options! Shoot me an email and I’ll help you find what you need – be it books, programs, counseling, etc.


Will you really refund my money if I'm not satisfied?

Absolutely. I make a living and support my family by helping people through what I’ve been through. That happens in my many ways, one of which is creating products and programs like this. It’s my calling and my career. So if it doesn’t scratch the itch for you, if it doesn’t feel like it helps you take another step on your journey, then let me know and I’ll make right. The only thing I’ll ask for is your feedback – your advice to help make this thing better (but of course your refund won’t depend on that!).

Don't surrender another minute of your life or your relationships to this struggle! Get started now!

Lifetime Access
Regularly $79

12-Week Course built by someone who has been in the trenches
– Reflection questions designed to go below the surface
Guided prayers
– Questions to facilitate conversations with your connections
– Focus on Redemption, not destruction
Regular email reminders of key elements of the journey
– Electronic Prayer journal
– Electronic Reflections journal
Money back guarantee

The SummitDevo helps you chart a course for a new future. See what others who've gone before you are aiming for-

I'm on a mission to surrender my thoughts, my feelings, my actions, my decisions, and my responsibilities to Jesus. I'll live out this surrender through daily prayer, devotional work like reading and writing, and fellowship. This surrender will transform me into the husband, father, and man that God created me to be.

I will honor God and my wife by everything I say, I see, I think, I feel, I desire, I hear, I do.

To continue to change and become the husband God wants me to be and to be the man God wants me to be for as long as he allows me to live.

Nothing to lose. Everything to gain. Risk free with the money back guarantee.

Lifetime Access
Regularly $79

12-Week Course built by someone who has been in the trenches
– Reflection questions designed to go below the surface
Guided prayers
– Questions to facilitate conversations with your connections
– Focus on Redemption, not destruction
Regular email reminders of key elements of the journey
– Electronic Prayer journal
– Electronic Reflections journal
Money back guarantee

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